Fundamentals of Programming
Fall 2017

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Announcements (End of Fall 2017 Semester)

  1. 6.009 is over for Fall 2017. Enjoy your winter break!

  2. Interested Students for Spring 2018: The pre-requisite for 6.009 is passing at least one of the following:

    • 6.00
    • 6.0001 (or 6.0001 Advanced Standing Exam)
    • 6.0002
    • 6.S080
    • 6.01
    • 6.08 (or under its old name as 6.s08)

    You will not be allowed to submit assignments in the spring if you have not completed the prerequisite by the start of the spring 2018 semester, even if you pre-register.

    Note that it is still possible to sign up for the the 6.0001 Advanced Standing Exam (ASE) to be offered on 2 Feb 2018. Please see the details at, which also provides access the necessary study materials. The deadline for signing up is 19 January 2018. Also note that the grade received (pass or fail) from taking ASE will appear as part of your permanent transcript.

    Feel free to email Adam ( if you have any questions about satisfying the 6.009 prerequisite.

  3. We will start looking for lab assistants for spring 2018 near the middle/end of IAP. LAs are expected to work through the labs, to attend a weekly staff training session, and to assist students during lab hours and office hours. If you enjoyed 6.009 and did well, and you are interested in coming back as an LA in the spring, please contact Adam (, and we'll get back to you near the second or third week of IAP.